Can you reduce your energy costs?  magazine

As the cost of energy rises and the emphasis on carbon reduction gains speed, there has never been a better time for you
r business to work with Ecusol. 

Ecusol’s services and products have been developed to help your business reduce your energy usage and carbon emissions in a sustainable way. Our FREE consultation will show you the best way to manage, use, generate, store and source your energy. We supply energy efficient products, arrange finance, install and monitor your energy needs, producing significant savings and contributing to a greener planet.

With a history of successful outcomes in all sectors, we are ready to show you how you can easily convert to energy efficient LED lighting, generate your own energy through the installation of low maintenance PV solar or wind turbines, store your energy effectively or switch to a green energy provider. Whatever changes you make, you are guaranteed to increase efficiency, lower costs and improve your carbon footprint.

Call Ecusol for a FREE, no commitment appraisal and assessment of your current energy usage. Depending on your circumstances, we will follow up with either a written or verbal report. This report will include a proposal outlining how your current energy usage can be dramatically reduced and recommend products and services that will help your business to achieve significant cost savings and improve your carbon footprint. 

We supply a range of high quality products that will be installed by our professional team and when installation is complete, we won’t disappear. We want to show you how effective your new lighting, energy generation, storage or new green energy provider is. We will monitor your energy usage and costs and report on performance and savings generated.

On average, 25% of an organisation’s electricity costs come from lighting. With our energy efficient lighting you can cut these costs by up to 75% while reducing your carbon footprint and improving the working environment.

Our range of LED energy efficient lights are up to 90% more efficient than traditional bulbs and produce significant cost savings which will reduce your carbon emissions.

Store your Energy…

Ecusol’s battery Energy Storage System (ESS) enables you to capture energy produced at one time and store it for use at a later time. Sizes range from individual 2kW blocks to 2MW storage containers that can be placed in series or parallel configurations.

Your bills…

We are able to procure and manage the supply of low cost energy (10-20% saving) for your business.

What will it cost? We will take all the hassle out of arranging finance and do the job for you. In some cases we can eliminate the need for any CAPEX. The savings you make will typically offset the monthly finance cost and depending on usage levels, can provide a payback within 12 months.

Call now to find out about how you can claim a £10,000 Carbon Trust Fund grant towards your energy reduction. Ecusol – 0191 228659.