Almet Sheetmetal and Temla Laser are manufacturing companies based in Washington, Tyne & Wear. They needed to dramatically reduce their energy costs while improving the lighting within their new factory, so decided to install an energy efficient LED lighting system.

Almet Sheetmetal and Temla Laser contacted The Carbon Trust when they moved into their new facilities and their first energy bill was much higher than expected, despite not having moved any machinery in yet. They were directed to seek local advice from Ecusol, an approved Carbon Trust supplier.

We advised that the high energy usage was due to the factory’s metal halide lights, an inefficient lighting solution where approximately 75% of the energy consumed is wasted as heat. To alleviate this issue Ecusol proposed the installation of their range of energy efficient LED lighting, which are proven to be up to 90% more efficient than traditional bulbs.

The energy usage drop was so dramatic that it resulted in the energy supplier visiting the factory to ensure that the meters were working correctly, which of course they were.

Paul Almond, Managing Director at Almet Sheetmetal said…

“We are very pleased with the lighting system Ecusol installed for us. The level of light has dramatically improved and our running costs have reduced by appox 40%. From the initial contact through installation to sign off, I found Ecusol to be very knowledgeable and professional and would recommend them to company’s considering similar projects. Special thanks to Olivia who guided and supported us all the way, especially in dealing with the Carbon Trust and helping us obtain our grant.”

Before                                                                                                         After

led lights

metal halide


Savings & Benefits

  • Reduced electricity consumption on lighting by 66%
  • Over £4000 per annum saved in electricity costs
  • 15 tonnes of CO2 saved per annum